Suzanne Steele

What I can do!


The term “print” encompasses many levels of design. I enjoy designing different compositions, whether it be letterpress printing, printmaking, or printing digital files, as well as experimenting with the materials being used.

Fine Arts

Before turning to the computer, I always find it helpful to make things with my hands. Whether it be sketching, collaging, or painting, I find a way to incorporate these personal touches and ideas into my designs.


UI/UX design has been a secret love of mine. While having designed only a few apps and websites, I find myself wanting to learn more, and continue on designing iconography and layouts for digital projects.



About Me

As a recent graduate from the Graphic Design program at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, I am only just beginning to label myself as a “designer.” I have been taught the skills and rules of composition and typography, as well as web design, and am comfortable accepting any challenges that may come my way. 

When I began this journey, I set one goal for myself—I was not going to be afraid to fail. This mindset has only helped me overcome my fears, and has shown me new sides of graphic design that I may have never encountered if I didn’t try.

With a passion for typography and book design, I enjoy working with my hands before I turn to a computer. I also try to incorporate analog techniques in my digital work or prints. Recently, I have been introduced to the letterpress and the art of bookmaking, which have only strengthened my love for design. I continue to learn new things everyday, and look forward to growing from the knowledge I will gain in the future.

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